UNYOC Professional Development Blog Post – Elizabeth Mamo

I am writing to thank UNYOC for providing me with the funds to attend the Medical Library Association’s vConference, “2020 Vision: The Future in Focus.”+

My original intention was to attend the in-person conference scheduled for May 2020 in Portland, Oregon.  As COVID-19 spread, planners rescheduled the event to August 2020 and eventually moved the conference to the online format.

At first I was reluctant to attend the virtual conference because I feared I would not get as much out of it.  This was not the case; I applaud the planners for their hard work in creating an enjoyable and educational conference experience. The online conference planner allowed me to attend live events or bookmark them for later viewing.  I was also able to view posters, visit with vendors and submit questions to presenters.

Presently I am transitioning two hospital libraries into a unified library department that will serve a growing health system.  I found the following programs to be relevant and informative:

•       Collection Management in the Age of Hospital Mergers

•      One Website to Rule Them All: Lessons Learned from a Series of Reorganizations, Integrations, and Creation of One University Libraries’ Website from Three

•      Visible, Valuable, and Validated: Reviving a Safety Net Hospital Library

•      EndNote Comes to Campus: Lessons Learned from Supporting an EndNote Site License on an Academic Medical Campus

It was a privilege to listen to Esther Choo’s keynote “How healthcare inequities have been exacerbated by COVID-19”.  Since then I have followed her on Twitter and keep up to date on this important topic.

Given the impact COVID-19 has had on budgets I would not have been able to attend the conference without this award.  I appreciate your support.


Elizabeth Mamo
Rochester Regional Health