Date & Location


UNYOC 2021 Virtual Conference

HELP! Research and Services in Unprecedented Times

Wednesday – Friday, October 27-29, 2021

Location: via Zoom

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While everything else seems to change quickly, there are things I can count on every time. I can count on laughing too loud for the room, medical librarians finding a way to deliver service, and gathering with UNYOC members in autumn.

This year our conference planning committee, ably lead by Mary Jo Russell, used member feedback from our last e-conference to refine the model. “Search and Rescue: Help! Research and Services for an Unprecedented Time” is our second and last planned virtual-only member meeting!

From our inspiring CE class “Antiracism in Libraries: Allyship Starts with You” to our wide-ranging member presentations to updates from our vendors, you will leave this meeting filled with practical information to apply to your work if it’s remote, in person, or hybrid.

This ain’t our first rodeo!

Olivia Tsistinas

UNYOC Chair 2020-2021